This course is aimed at personnel who have previously completed an ex-forces or MOD Firefighters basic recruit’s course or LAFB Firefighter course, to which they can also currently demonstrate and prove their competence in the core skills i.e. knowledge, understanding and practical elements of a Firefighter. Competence will be confirmed in writing by the candidates operational Fire Service Manager to authenticate that the candidate has attained and maintained a satisfactory level of performance in the operational aspects of a Firefighter (outlined above) within the previous 12 months and also confirming that the candidate is a qualified and competent Breathing Apparatus wearer.

Course Objectives

The aims and objectives of the Bridging course are to:

  • Provide the necessary acquisition of knowledge and understanding, through delivery of a SLP, whereby individuals will gain the necessary skills to competently act in the Firefighter role at aircraft accidents/incidents, which will satisfy the laid down standards in the AFF units 1-12 defined in CAP 699.
  • Utilise the principles of dynamic risk assessment and safe person concept.
  • Define primary and secondary media tactics used for firefighting.
  • Specify tactics and techniques based on aircraft accident / incident case study(s).
  • Demonstrate core Firemanship practical skills, (hose running, ladder drills, knots & lines)
  • Demonstrate competence in application in the use of fire service equipment in ‘live’ fire scenarios.
  • Demonstrate the appropriate tactics and techniques used when dealing with various simulated aircraft accident/incidents.


Delegates must hold a valid OPITO Offshore Emergency Response Team Member (OERTM) Certificate