Norweign Escape Chute

Norwegian Escape Chute is a means of escape from an offshore installation. 

Escape chutes can be fitted to offshore oil and gas installations to permit rapid, mass evacuation from a high structure during a life-threatening emergency.

The escape chute provides a direct descent to sea level if the primary evacuation arrangements such as a helicopter should fail.

Course Overview

Norwegian Escape Chute training provides delegates with an understanding of the escape chute system in the Norweign offshore sector.

The course includes the opportunity to practice the use of a Norwegian Escape Chute as a means of tertiary escape from an offshore installation.

Course Objectives

Delegates completing a Norwegian Escape Chute training course will be able to;

  • Demonstrate entering the escape chute safely using the correct body posture
  • Demonstrate a controlled descent through the escape chute
  • Demonstrate exiting the escape chute correctly onto a collection raft or collection platform
  • Demonstrate, on completion of the escape chute descent, clearing the egress point at the base of the escape chute by moving out of the way of the descending personnel

Course Content

A Norwegian Escape Chute training course includes;

  1. The different types of escape chutes
  2. Safe techniques for escaping through an escape chute
  3. Exiting an escape chute


In order to complete a Norwegian Escape Chute training course, delegates must hold:

  • A valid BOSIET or FOET certificate

Course Packages

You can book your BOSIET at AIS Survivex >> individually or as part of a Offshore Survival New-Starter Package (International & UK Waters) >> which includes Norwegian Escape Chute.

You can also book your FOET at AIS Survivex >> individually or as part of an OPITO Oil & Gas Offshore Refresher Package (International) >> which includes Norwegian Escape Chute.