ECITB High Risk Confined Space training ensures the risk remains as low as possible when gaining entry to a confined space that is classified as high risk (NC4).

The course covers a broad range of structures including shafts, tunnels and void using a man-riding winch and retrieval device connected to a davit or tripod to gain entry.

These spaces are primarily enclosed and are a potential hazardous working environment where self contained breathing apparatus is required to be worn.

The training is general to working within a confined space and working at height but focuses very much on the industrial/urban environment.

Course Objectives

Delegates completing an ECITB High Risk Confined Space training course will be able to;

  • Conduct a risk assessment prior to gaining entry to a confined space
  • Identify all specified risks
  • Ensure suitable and sufficient measures have been implemented
  • Gain entry to a high risk confined space using full duration breathing apparatus
  • Demonstrate safe donning and starting procedures
  • Demonstrate safe doffing procedures upon exiting a hazardous area

Course Content

An ECITB High Risk Confined Space training course includes;

  1. Legislation
  2. Knowledge of confined space specified risks
  3. Safe systems of work, including risk assessments and work permits
  4. Top-man pre-entry procedures
  5. Safety equipment including for example;
  6. Full duration breathing apparatus
  7. Escape breathing apparatus sets
  8. Harnesses (EN1497)
  9. Gas monitors
  10. Tripod or davit
  11. Retrieval device and man-riding winch
  12. Escaping from a realistic controlled environment upon activation of gas monitor
  13. Decontamination upon exiting the confined space