ECITB Technical Test - TICA-A02 Industrial Coatings Brush Application

TICA-A02 Industrial Coatings Brush Application is a Sprayer Blaster Painter ECITB Technical Test.

These tests are aimed at both onshore and offshore fabric maintenance personnel who may be required to complete a "trade test" before their employment is started or approved.

Course Overview

The ECITB Technical Test - TICA-A02 Industrial Coatings Brush Application includes a one hour knowledge test and a three hour practical test.

The three hour practical test consists of successfully selecting a coating, mix and brush to apply an industrial coating to an abrasive blast cleaned mid steel test place in a safe, effective and effiicent manner to the specification/manufacturer's recommendations.

PLEASE NOTE: Delegates must pass the knowledge test to progress to the practical test.

Course Objectives

Delegates completing an ECITB Technical Test - TICA-A02 Industrial Coatings Brush Application will be able to;

  • Correctly select equipment
  • Undertake all necessary checks to ensure all equipment is ready to use
  • Ensure there is no dust/debris contamination on a prepared mid stell test plate
  • Apply industrial coating in a safe and efficient manner
  • Monitor and recode environmental conditions throughout application

Course Content

An ECITB Technical Test - TICA-A02 Industrial Coatings Brush Application includes;

  1. Risk assessments and COSHH assessments are available/conducted
  2. Method statement for the task available and understood
  3. Toolbox talks (if available) conducted and signed
  4. Paint test panel as per ASTM D4228 Standard Practice for Qualification of Coating


There are no prerequisites for an ECITB Technical Test - TICA-A02 Industrial Coatings Brush Application.

ECITB Technical Tests - Sprayer Blaster Painter

The ECITB Technical Tests available for Sprayer Blaster Painter include:

  • TICA-P 01 Abrasive Blast Cleaning (Direct Pressure)
  • TICA-A02 Industrial Coatings Brush Application
  • TICA-A01 Industrial Coatings Airless Spray Applicatio

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