Working at Height - Unit 1 Height Safety and Harness Awareness  

The Working at Height  - Unit 1 Height Safety and Harness Awareness training course is designed to introduce candidates who are not actively involved in working at height to the requirements of regulations and will allow delegates to inspect, maintain, fit and use their own PPE competently.

AIS Survivex have developed our courses from the ground up, teaching candidates the most up to date key knowledge complying with the current working at height regulations whilst ensuring that practical elements of working at height are covered to the highest standard by professional training staff, even covering elements of work at lower height. As with all AIS courses we continually assess and update our material in line with new regulations and health & safety requirements. We aim to help business meet the demands of UK safety legislation and to increase the workforces competence, awareness, safety and productivity.

At present, it is imperative for all companies that operate at height to have an advanced understanding of the Working at Height methods, equipment and potential risks, whilst complying with the most current legislation (2005).

Course Objectives

The objectives of the Working at Height - Unit 1 Height Safety Awareness course is;

  • To understand legislation and equipment standards
  • To learn about equipment selection, marking and inspection
  • To successfully complete correct record keeping and maintenance

Course Content

A Working at Height  - Unit 1 Height Safety and Harness Awareness training course includes;

  1. Working at Height Legislation
  2. Inspection
  3. Care and maintenance of Equipment
  4. Falls and impact forces
  5. Rescue Provision
  6. Harness Varieties
  7. Lanyard Varieties
  8. Hierarchy Categories
  9. Fall Arrest / Work Position / Restraint Systems
  10. Safety Inspection & Storage
  11. CE & EN Markings
  12. Traceability
  13. Theoretical Assessment
  14. Fitting the Equipment