ECITB Technical SBT Tests (TSBT02)

ECITB Technical SBT Tests validate the competency of candidates.

Technical testing and the associated ECITB certificate of acheivement demonstrates skill, ability and job knowledge in a specific task or activity.

Each Technical Test contains 10 questions and a practical activity on the specified test.

These tests are grant aided for ECITB registered employers.

Who can take a Technical Test?

New workers who have an ECITB SBT01 approved course certificate (and ECITB SBT02 certificate depending on the tests being taken) AND a completed work based task assignment personal record signed off by the supervisor

Existing workers who have a company letter of endorsement AND a small bore tubing or instrument pipework training certificate(s) (where applicable)

Self-sponsoring individuals whose CV details previous small bore tubing experience AND have a small bore tubing or instrument pipework training certificate(s) (where applicable)

All candidates will be issued with a pre-test checklist to ensure they are properly prepared for the testing session

Course Content

TSBT02 - Technical Assessment – Disassemble and Reinstall Small Bore Tubing Assemblies (Twin Ferrule)

The candidate has to successfully dismantle, identify faults and defects on small bore tubing assemblies. Then reinstall small bore tubing assemblies using the appropriate tools, equipment and materials as per the specified drawing and specification sheet within set tolerances

PLEASE NOTE: TSBT01 must be taken prior to TSBT02 if attempting both tests.


In order to complete an ECITB SBT02 Test, delegates must hold:

A valid and in-date ECITB SBT02 (stage 1) certificate

A completed work based task assignment book

A completed TSBT01 test