ECITB CCNSG Safety Passport

ECITB CCNSG Safety Passport

Whatever sort of business you are in; there is always the possibility of an accident or damage to someone’s health. All work exposes people to hazards which is why it is important to be correctly trained.

ECITB have therefore developed the ECITB CCNSG Safety Passport training programme to ensure personnel working on construction and engineering sites have an understanding of working safely.

Course Overview

The ECITB CCNSG Safety Passport course provides a grounding in all aspects of site safety and personal awareness. 

Delegates will be required to complete a multiple choice test on each module covered during the training, with a pass rate of 80% or more on each test.

Course Objectives

Delegates completing an ECITB CCNSG Safety Passport training course will be able to;

  • Understand health and safety law and permits to work
  • Understand safe working practices relating to scaffolding
  • Describe accident and first aid procedures
  • Explain fire precautions and procedures
  • Define COSHH and personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Understand the importance and theory of manual handling
  • Describe noise procedures and practices
  • Prevent accidents and know safe practices
  • Understand the importance of good housekeeping

Course Content

An ECITB CCNSG Safety Passport training course includes;

  1. History and role of engineering/construction in UK
  2. Importance of productivity
  3. Benefits of the safety passport
  4. Safe behaviour
  5. Casual factors of incidents and accidents
  6. Legal framework and law enforces
  7. Consequences of poor safety failure
  8. Hierarchy of control
  9. Hazards, risks and risk control


There are no prerequisites for an ECITB CCNSG Safety Passport course.

PLEASE NOTE: For delegates in possession of an ACE card please bring it with you to take advantage of the opportunitiy to syncronise your ACE card and CCNSG card expiry dates for future.