Coded Welding

Coded Welding

Coded Welding certifies an individual's capability to perform a particular welding method by testing the ability to demonstrate the chosen method correctly.

3t offer Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG), Menual Metal Arc (MMA), Metal Active Gas (MAG) and Metal Insert Gas (MIG) welding and cutting training, with testing codes ranging from PA to PJ.

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Course Overview

3t have world-class facilities with state-of-the-art welding bays fully equipped for each testing standard.

Bays can be hired for up to 5 days and include the surveryor/instructor, equipment and carbon materials you will need. You are also welcome to bring your own specialist materials to work with on-site.

Training is available for any level of experience, and the training period you need will be dependant on your current skills, welding process, joint type, welding position and the code you require.

Our welding specialist are available to advise you on all of the above, discuss all of your training requirements and offer expertise which comes from real industry experience. Call us on 0330 202 0569 for more information.

Coded Welding Tests

3t are the ONLY training provider in the UK with a resident accredited engineer/surveyor here on-site.

This means you can take your coded welding test whenever you are ready, without the need to pre-book a test day or time.

Testing Standards Available

We offer the following coded welding test standards:

  1. BSEN 287
  2. BSEN ISO 9606
  3. ASME IX
  4. AWS
  5. CCA Charter A8-10
  6. BSEN ISO 13585
  7. BS4872
  8. BSEN ISO 24394
  9. BSEN ISO 14732


There are no formal prerequisites for Coded Welding, however the duration of training required will be dependant on individual abilities.