ECITB Technical Test - TICA-P 01 Abrasive Blast Cleaning (Direct Pressure)

TICA-P 01 Abrasive Blast Cleaning (Direct Pressure) is a Sprayer Blaster Painter ECITB Technical Test.

These tests are aimed at both onshore and offshore fabric maintenance personnel who may be required to complete a "trade test" before their employment is started or approved.

Course Overview

The ECITB Technical Test -  TICA-P 01 Abrasive Blast Cleaning (Direct Pressure) includes a one hour knowledge test and a three hour practical test.

The three hour practical test consists of pre-cleaning, abrasive blasting and hand cleaning a mid steel blast plate, then using a needle gun to blast a section 0.1 square metres to a specific standard in readiness for application of a protective coating. During the test the delegate will undertake the blaster and pot man roles.

PLEASE NOTE: Delegates must pass the knowledge test before progressing to the practical test.

Course Objectives

Delegates completing an ECITB Technical Test -  TICA-P 01 Abrasive Blast Cleaning (Direct Pressure) will be able to;

  • Correctly select and set-up the blast cleaning equipment in a safe and efficient manner
  • Undertake equipment checks to ensure the equipment is ready to use
  • Undertake associated checks such as the power and the blast media
  • Check the condition and pre-surface cleanliness of a mild steel plate

Course Content

An ECITB Technical Test - TICA-P 01 Abrasive Blast Cleaning (Direct Pressure) includes;

  1. Barriers/signage (warning notices)
  2. Risk assessments available/conducted
  3. Method statement for the task available and understood
  4. Toolbox talks (if available) conducted and signed

The test also includes a range of abrasive hand cleaning tools such as;

  1. Needle gun
  2. Abrasive paper
  3. Wire bushes
  4. Compressed air – available to achieve 100 psi at the nozzle (600 cfm)
  5. Instruction details on start-up and shut-down, emergency etc)
  6. Air cleanliness (ASTM 4285 blotter test)
  7. Suitable bull line to blast cleaning equipment
  8. Abrasive blast cleaning equipment with associated items
  9. Air hose (bull line to compressor)
  10. Blast hose (hogger) 10-12 bar SWP
  11. Blast pot/kettle (portable - 200 kilo type) - Fully Pressure Tested (7.5 to 10 bar)
  12. Pressure label attached
  13. Pressure regulators (including remote/dump valve and silencer)
  14. Pop-up valve (not worn) and safety umbrella
  15. Heavy duty seals and gaskets
  16. Exhaust system
  17. Dead man’s handle (full system)
  18. Technical Test TICA-P01 Release v2 2 © ECITB 2018
  19. Abrasive metering valve
  20. Associated safety devices
  21. Nozzle – a range of some visibly worn or damaged
  22. Straight bore type
  23. Venturi type
  24. Needle gun and associated equipment
  25. Pre-cleaning equipment such as solvents, cleaners, scrapers and rags etc
  26. Sufficient room for test plates and blast cleaning equipment to safely and effectively blast clean the test plate
  27. Suitable extraction for dusts and abrasive removal
  28. Suitable lighting (direct and indirect)
  29. Personal protective equipment (PPE) for the abrasive blast cleaning operative
  30. Blast helmet (CE)
  31. Blast suits and capes
  32. Boots
  33. Gauntlets
  34. Communication system (or automated)
  35. Air supply filtration
  36. Abrasive (expendable or non-expendable)
  37. Data sheets should be available for the abrasive(s)
  38. Recycling system or manual equipment
  39. The test plate shall meet the requirements of ASTM 4228 or equivalent
  40. Blast cleaning inspection equipment
  41. Visual standards (ISO 8501-1)
  42. Surface profile gauge (replica tape, needle gauge or comparator gauge)
  43. Dust test kit (ISO 8502-3)
  44. Pressure test for abrasive hose (hypodermic needle gauge)


There are no prerequisites for the ECITB Technical Test - TICA-P 01 Abrasive Blast Cleaning (Direct Pressure).

ECITB Technical Tests - Sprayer Blaster Painter

The ECITB Technical Tests available for Sprayer Blaster Painter include:

  • TICA-P 01 Abrasive Blast Cleaning (Direct Pressure)
  • TICA-A02 Industrial Coatings Brush Application
  • TICA-A01 Industrial Coatings Airless Spray Application

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