Train The Painter - Sprayer Painter

Train The Painter is an internationally recognised training programme which is accredited and approved by SSPC.

The training has been developed by industry experts in response to the strong demand for certifications within the industrial coatings industry that now requires personnel working on road, rail, oil and gas programmes to obtain professional specified certificates.

SSPC Train The Painter has three modules including:

Delegates will be awarded with an Orange, Bronze, Silver or Gold card depending on the modules completed and experience in protective coatings.

Course Overview

Sprayer Painter is a module of the SSPC Train The Painter Programme which can be completed to obtain a silver or gold card.

The module is a combination of theoretical and practical sessions. Delegates will be assessed throughout the practical exercises and complete a multiple choice test.

Course Objectives

Delegates completing the Train The Painter - Sprayer Painter module will be able to;

  • Ensure professionalism
  • Promote good working practice
  • Have a thorough insight into methods of surface treatment and application of protective coatings

Course Content

The Train The Painter - Sprayer Painter module includes;

  1. Introduction
  2. Health and safety
  3. Paint materials
  4. Airless spray equipment
  5. Conventional air spray
  6. Plural component spray


In order to complete the Train The Painter - Sprayer Painter module, delegates must:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Have worked in the protective coatings industry as a sprayer painter for more than 800 hours OR have worked as an abrasive blast cleaning operator for more than 800 hours
  • Have completed the Train The Painter - Protective Coatings Applicator module

SSPC Train The Painter

Route to bronze card

You must complete Protective Coatings Applicator.

Route to silver card

You must complete Protective Coatings Applicator AND Abrasive Blast Cleaner OR Sprayer Painter.

Route to gold card

You must complete Protective Coatings Applicator AND Abrasive Blast Cleaner AND Sprayer Painter.