Humidur Training

Humidur products are coatings developed and produced by Acotec to protect materials in highly corrosive environments.

Course Overview

Humidur training has been developed by AIS Survivex to provide the skills and knowledge to use Humidur and its range of products.

Delegates will gain a basic understanding of Humidur products and how they are applied.

Course Objectives

Delegates completing Humidur training will be able to;

  • Understand Acotec and the purpose of its Humidur range
  • Identify products in the Humidur range
  • Explain the key benefits of each product including when and why they must be used
  • Correctly prepare surfaces for the application of Humidur
  • Correctly apply Humidur products 
  • Inspect the application of Humidur products

Course Content

Humidur training includes;

  1. Legislation
  2. Responsibilities
  3. Health and safety
  4. Introduction to Humidur
  5. Key benefits of Humidur
  6. Humidur accreditations
  7. Humidur products – ME/E/FP/TC
  8. Humidur surface preparation
  9. Humidur coatings application and inspection
  10. Exam


There are no prerequisites for Humidur training.

PLEASE NOTE: This training is delivered at our Aberdeen location.