PUWER Assessor

Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations (PUWER) ensures companies who own, operate or have control over work equipment must manage the risks from that equipment.

Course Overview

PUWER Assessor training provides delegates with the knowledge and skills to perform workplace assessments and become an effective assessor in an organisation.

Delegates will learn to review the standards of an organisation and implement changes where required through a combination of theoretical and practical elements.

The training can be tailored to suit delegate requirements and can be carried out at AIS Training or on-site using an organisations internal procedures and paperwork for course material.

Course Objectives

Delegates completing PUWER Assessor training will be able to:

  • Understand PUWER regulations
  • Understand how the regulations affect an organisation
  • Interpret information from the regulations to assist with workplace compliance
  • Understand why PUWER assessments are carried out in the workplace
  • Obtain information to assist in conducting PUWER assessments
  • Asses the safety and suitability of a variety of work equipment
  • Complete revelant documentation and report any unsuitable work equipment

Course Content

PUWER Assessor training includes;

  1. Examples of how PUWER applies
  2. Suitability of work equipment
  3. Frequency and maintenance requirements of work equipment
  4. Information and instruction requirements for the use of work equipment
  5. Training and competence requirements for the use of work equipment
  6. Dangerous parts of machinery and common accidents and statistics
  7. Isolations and machinery controls
  8. Marking of machinery requirements
  9. Inspection of plant and equipment in conjunction with inspection documentation


There are no prerequisites for PUWER Assessor training.