ECITB Leading The Individual

ECITB Leading The Individual training focuses on the role of a leader within a team.

The course covers the dynamics between a team and the role of a leader or supervisor in developing good relationships.

Course Objectives

Delegates completing an ECITB Leading The Individual training course will be able to;

  • Appreciate how to develop trust and respect within a team
  • Understand their role as a leader
  • Recognise how to use praise and recognition to improve performance
  • Understand how to give clear instructions, including job instructions
  • Appreciate how to check for understanding when being given and giving instructions
  • Understand how to develop individuals competencies within the team
  • Evaluate the current competencies of  individuals within the team
  • Understand the effective use of an appraisal system
  • Understand the role of the Supervisor when managing performance

Course Content

An ECITB Leading The Individual training course includes;

Day 1 - Session 1: Leadership - Outcomes

  1. Understand how to develop good relationships within the team and the role of the leader
  2. Explain how the supervisor’s role impacts on the development of the team and individuals
  3. Determine how to  develop trust and respect within the team

Day 1 - Session 2: Feedback - Outcomes: Use different styles of feedback

  1. Practice using a clear structure to provide feedback
  2. Identify praiseworthy events
  3. Use feedback to contribute to improved performance and practice

Day 1 - Session 3: Checking Understanding and Giving Job Instructions

  1. Understand how to project a positive image at all times
  2. Determine how to present oral information succinctly Identify the impact of communication on the recipient
  3. Know how to present self in a manner appropriate to the situation

Day 2 - Session 1: Developing Individuals - Outcomes

  1. Understand how to ask appropriate questions to check for understanding
  2. Understand how to identify development opportunities for individuals within the team
  3. Explain methods of development available to individuals and the team

Day 2 - Session 2: Performance Management - Outcomes

  1. Describe the methods of undertaking an individual performance review
  2. Understand how to support 
  3. individuals to improve their level of competence
  4. Understand the purpose of an appraisal system
  5. Determine how to prepare Personal Development Plans to develop individuals within the team
  6. Identify support and development opportunities for individuals