ECITB CCNSG Safety Passport Refresher

ECITB have developed the ECITB CCNSG Safety Passport training programme to ensure personnel working on construction and engineering sites have an understanding of working safely.

Course Overview

The ECITB CCNSG Safety Passport Refresher provides a refresher in all aspects of site safety and personal awareness.

This is a one day refresher course for existing CCNSG Safety Passport Cards that are close to expiring.

Delegates will be required to complete a multiple choice test on each module covered during the training, with a pass rate of 80% or more on each test.

Course Objectives

Delegates completing a CCNSG Safety Passport Refresher training course will;

  • Have received the necessary health and safety information to enable them to demonstrate their understanding via a number of tests
  • Have the knowledge to prevent accidents and know safe practices
  • Understand the importance of good housekeeping

Course Content

A CCNSG Safety Passport Refresher training course includes;

  1. Accidents and injuries
  2. Causes of accidents
  3. Behaviour
  4. Consequences for a company
  5. HSE role and inspectors
  6. Safe systems at work
  7. Confined space
  8. PTW
  9. Work at height
  10. Hazards, fire, noise and chemicals


In order to complete a CCNSG Safety Passport Refresher, delegates must hold:

  • A valid CCNSG Safety Passport Card which is in-date

As of April 2022, Delegates who wish to renew their Safety Passport early no longer have a 3-month grace period. Delegates must complete the ECITB CCNSG Refresher before their expiry

PLEASE NOTE: For delegates in possession of an ACE card please bring it with you to take advantage of the opportunitiy to syncronise your ACE card and CCNSG card expiry dates for future.