Oil & Gas UK (OGUK) Offshore Medical

Every offshore worker must undergo and pass an Oil & Gas UK (OGUK) Offshore Medical examination.

For UK waters and the North Sea, physicians who are approved by the United Kingdom Offshore Operators Association (UKOOA) Health Advisory
Committee should carry out the examination and issue certificates.

The offshore medical certificate, as it is commonly known, is controlled by UKOOA and renewals are necessary every 2 years irrespective of the age of the offshore worker.

Individual operators retain the right to request medical assessments more frequently.

OGUK Offshore Medical Overview

OGUK Offshore Medicals will take place between 2pm and 6pm.

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Once you have booked your medical, our bookings team will contact you to arrange a convenient time between 2pm and 6pm for your appointment.

OGUK Offshore Medical Content

An OGUK Offshore Medical covers a range of topics essential under OGUK requirements including;

  1. Completion of a patient questionnaire
  2. Urinalysis
  3. Calculation of Body Mass Index (BMI)
  4. Near distance and colour vision
  5. Pulse and blood pressure measurement
  6. Lung function test (peak flow)
  7. Audiogram (hearing test)
  8. Consultation with a doctor


There are no prerequisites for an OGUK Offshore Medical.

Offshore Packages

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Offshore Medicals

An OGUK Offshore Medical can also be booked in conjunction with other medical examinations that are relevant to the offshore oil and gas industry.

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