OPITO Major Emergency Management Initial Response (MEMIR)

OPITO Major Emergency Management Initial Response (MEMIR)

OPITO MEMIR training introduces techniques used to deal with offshore emergencies.

The training can be delivered in a variety of ways, based and designed around client needs.

PLEASE NOTE: This training is delivered by AIS Survivex in partnership with Restrata at our Aberdeen location. Visit the Survivex website to view available dates and book online.

Course Overview

OPITO MEMIR training uses stimulating classroom exercises to train delegates on the current major emergency management practices for offshore environments.

The training incorporates up-to-date requirements for communications with the coastguard, police, vessels, aircraft, duty managers and additional outside agencies.

Role playing as the manager in a number of emergency scenarios is a key element of the training programme, and is backed up by constructive feedback from course instructors.

Course Objectives

Delegates completing an OPITO MEMIR training course will be able to; 

  • Understand the key factors of preparing for, responding to, and maintaining control throughout the development or escalation of an emergency situation
  • Manage communication, emergency-related information and put into place predetermined plans at the point when the emergency alarm has been raised, to the point when the emergency manager is assured that the emergency is over
  • Understand how stress can impact on individuals and team performance during emergencies

Course Content

An OPITO MEMIR training course includes;

  1. Theory of emergency management
  2. Practical elements of major emergency management
  3. Appraisals


There are no prerequisites for an OPITO MEMIR training course.

The OPITO standard for this course can be found here.