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City & Guilds certificate - refresher training is recommended every 3 years
2.0 Days
Who is it for
Personnel working in confined spaces classified as medium risk
A good standard of fitness is required
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Working in Medium Risk Confined Spaces training

Working in Medium Risk Confined Spaces

City and Guilds have developed a Working in Confined Spaces training programme for personnel who enter, supervise or manage confined spaces.

Working in Medium Risk Confined Spaces is a level 2 qualification for personnel entering a confined space to carry out work.

Course Overview

Working in Medium Risk Confined Spaces provides the knowledge and skills to safety work in confined spaces with shallow entries, adequate ventilation and no likely risk of flooding. Medium risk confined spaces present a realistic possibility of encountering a specified risk during the work activity.

Delegates will gain practical experience of two methods of entering a confined space. Tasks will include staying on a lifeline to complete the task where retrieval equipment would be operated if they collapsed, and removal from a lifeline where a rescue team would be required.

The training is delivered as a combination of theoretical and practical elements with a focus on providing hands-on experience for delegates.

Course Objectives

Delegates completing a City and Guilds Working in Medium Risk Confined Spaces training course will be able to;

  • Conduct risk assessments of confined space hazards
  • Prepare to enter and work safely in medium risk confined spaces
  • Understand types of gaseous atmospheres
  • Use gas monitoring equipment
  • Follow self-rescue procedures
  • Safely use harness tripod, man-riding winch, fall arrest, safety line and escape breathing apparatus in accordance with instructions

Course Content

A City and Guilds Working in Medium Risk Confined Spaces training course includes;

  1. Health and safety overview
  2. Confined space regulations and legislation
  3. Specified risks
  4. Safe systems of work including risk assessments
  5. Dangerous atmospheres and environmental monitoring
  6. Gas detection equipment
  7. Safety, access and escape equipment – including davit, tripod, man-riding winches, retrieval devices and escape breathing apparatus
  8. Harness (EN1497) user inspection and fitting
  9. Conduct vertical access
  10. Vacating a hazardous environment
  11. Written assessment


There are no prerequisites for a City and Guilds Working in Medium Risk Confined Spaces training course.