ECITB Technical Mechanical Joint Integrity (TMJI)

ECITB Technical Mechanical Joint Integrity helps existing workers update their knowledge before taking ECITB Technical Tests.

These e-learning courses are an integral part of the ECITB/Step Change in Safety MJI model.

Course Content

There are five ECITB approved Technical Mechanical Joint Integrity (TMJI) tests which include an online technical test for each including;

  1. ECITB TMJI10: Dismantle, Assemble and Hand Torque Flanged Joints
  2. ECITB TMJI11 Dismantle, Assemble and Hand Torque Clamp Connector
  3. ECITB TMJI18 Dismantle, Assemble and Tensioning Bolted Connections (Hydraulic Tensioning)
  4. ECITB TMJI19 Dismantle, Assemble and Hydraulically Torque Flanged Joints 
  5. ECITB TMJI20 Dismantle, Assemble and Hydraulically Torque Clamp Connector Joints


In order to complete the TMJI10 technical test, delegates MUST hold: 

  • MJI10: Hand Torque Bolted Connection Techniques
  • Completed stage 2 workplace training. They must have completed log-books giving evidence of on the job experience. The workbooks must be signed off by a supervisor, line manager or a person with responsibility for the final approval and quality assurance for the relevant tasks

PLEASE NOTE: ECITB MJI Approved Course "Training Certificates" which are received upon successful completion of MJI10, MJI18 and/or MJI19 are valid for a 12-month period only for stage 3 technical testing application purposes. These certificates must also be supported by stage 2 ECITB MJI "work based task assignment(s)" completed within the same 12-month period. If the 12-month training to technical testing period elapses, the full MJI process must be attended again from stage 1.


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