OPITO Helideck Emergency Response Team Member (HERTM)

The Helideck Emergency Response Team Member (HERTM) standard forms part of a wider industry Helideck Training and Competency Framework.

Course Overview

OPITO Helideck Emergency Response Team Member (HERTM) training introduces offshore emergency response teams to possible helideck emergencies.

The training programme equips delegates with the skills, knowledge and confidence to deal with any offshore helideck and helicopter emergency.

Delegates will participate in hands-on practical training involving real smoke and fire in simulated environments and scenarios.

Course Objectives

Delegates completing an OPITO HERTM training course will be able to;

  • Access and egress to and from helidecks
  • Update helideck emergency response team leaders (HERTLs) on progress against emergency response plans at appropriate times
  • Respond appropriately to a HERTL direction during emergencies including the correct selection of appropriate firefighting equipment for the incident
  • Approach the incident area in a controlled manner under the direction of the HERTL, continually assessing how the changes in the emergency could impact on the safety of other emergency response team members and maintaining a means of escape from the incident area
  • Effectively execute emergency response tasks
  • Conduct helicopter incident firefighting operations including responding to a helicopter fire using a CO2 media extended applicator
  • Correctly donn and use breathing apparatus when instructed by HERTL
  • Demonstrate effective search and rescue techniques
  • Appropriately respond to non-firefighting operations during a helicopter incident
  • Effectively use firefighting fixed, portable and mobile systems
  • Respond to a normally unattended installation (NUI) helideck fire 
  • Work with back-up emegency response teams
  • Correctly handle a casualty
  • Understand hose-running techniques and associated hazards

 Course Content

An OPITO HERTM training course includes;

  1. The role and responsibilities of the emergency helideck team member
  2. Helideck emergency systems and response plan
  3. Types of offshore helideck emergencies on different installations
  4. Communication and response with HLO and team members
  5. Firefighting operations
  6. Search and rescue emergencies
  7. Casualty handling


In order to complete an OPITO HERTM training course, delegates must hold:

PLEASE NOTE: This course is delivered by Offshore Training Newcastle (OTN) at Newcastle International Airport Training Academy.

The OPITO standard for this course can be found here.