Rigging Loft Management and Lifting Equipment Inspection

The rigging and lifting equipment used to conduct a variety of operations both onshore and offshore must be correctly managed and controlled throughout these operations. 

Rigging and lifting equipment must also be correctly inspected before and after operations to ensure there is no damage and confirm it is safe to use.

Course Overview

AIS Training have developed Rigging Loft Management and Lifting Equipment Inspection training which combines the inspection of a variety of lifting equipment with the methods used to manage and control the equipment throughout a variety of operations.

The training will include the legal requirements of Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations (LOLER) and Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations (PUWER) with regards to examination and inspection.

This course includes both theoretical and practical training. Delegates will be required to complete a written exam with a pass mark of 80% to receive certification.

Course Objectives

Delegates completing Rigging Loft Management and Lifting Equipment inspection will be able to;

  • Correctly inspect equipment in accordance with legislative, manufacturers and company requirements
  • Understand management procedures
  • Maintain sufficient and valid records
  • Follow the correct procedure in the event of equipment being deemed unsafe for use
  • Understand storage requirements of lifting equipment and accessories
  • Identify different types of lifting equipment

Course Content

Rigging Loft Management and Equipment Inspection training includes;

MODULE 1: Rigging Loft Management

  1. Basic functions of the rigging loft
  2. Correct storage of the rigging equipment
  3. The rigging loft controller
  4. Rigging loft equipment registers
  5. Regulations applying to rigging loft management (LOLER and PUWER)
  6. Lifting gear examination and inspection
  7. Quarantine systems and recording defects 

MODULE 2: Lifting Equipment Inspection

  1. Construction of equipment
  2. Safe working loads of equipment
  3. Examination of wire ropes
  4. Examination of various types of lifting gear
  5. Lifting gear rejection criteria
  6. Cumulative discard factors of wire ropes
  7. Normal wear and discard criteria
  8. Lubrication and maintenance of equipment


There are no prerequisites for Rigging Loft Management and Lifting Equipment Inspection training.

Rigging and Lifting Handbook

The RigEx Rigging and Lifting Handbook is a pocked-sizes book available to provide essential information throughout your training and in your job roles. The handbook is available to purchase with your training >>