Qualitative Face Fit Test

All employees in the UK who wear respiratory protective equipmet (RPE) are required by law to obtain certification confirming the RPE fits and provides effective protection.

RPE is worn by personnel working in environments where the air is unfit to breathe.

AIS Training offer a full range of Qualitative Face Fit Tests including:

  • Moldex 7000
  • 3M 4255
  • 3M 9228
  • 3M 8835
  • UVEX 8732
  • Sundstrom SR100
  • Alpha Solway 3030v

Test Overview

A Qualitative Face Fit Test uses an individual's sense of taste to confirm RPE fits and provides effective protection.

Deleagtes will wear the selected mask and a hood which has been sprayed with a strong-tasing solutuion to see if they can taste the solution while the mask is in place.

Test Objectives

Delegates completing a Qualitative Face Fit Test will be able to;

  • Determine the specific masks which fit their face to provide adequate protection

Please Note

Delegates must come clean shaven and bring the mask(s) with them to be tested.

Please do not to eat, drink or smoke 15 minutes before the test. Do not attend the test if you have had cold or sinus problems 7 days previous to the test or have not been checked by an occupational nurse.