Working at Height (Unit 2 PPE User)

Working at height training courses have been developed by AIS Training from the ground up.

It is imperative for anyone who operates at height to have an advanced understanding of the methods and equipment used, as well as the potential risks of working at height.

AIS Training have therefore developed working at height training that aims to help businesses and individuals meet the demands of UK safety legislations, and increase workforce competence, awareness, safety and productivity.

Course Overview

The Unit 2 PPE User - Working at Height training course is an exciting programme catered towards those whose who work above ground at any level.

Delegates will learn the correct procedures to be followed when working at height, including the relevant statutory requirements, the hazards of working at height and the equipment used.

The training practical experience of working at height in a variety of environments, with courses delivered to the highest standard by professional, industry experienced training staff.

AIS Training continuously assess and update working at height training courses in line with new regulations and health and safety requirements. 

Course Objectives

Delegates completing a Unit 2 PPE User - Working at Height training course will be able to;

  • Understand legislation and equipment standards
  • Correct use personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Understand different PPE purposes

Course Content

A Working at Unit 2 PPE User - Working at Height training course includes;

  1. Working at height legislation
  2. Working at height categories
  3. Hierarchy of measures
  4. Equipment legislation
  5. Equipment inspection and maintenance
  6. Selection and safe use of equipment
  7. Fall and impact forces
  8. Rescue provision


There are no prerequisites for a Unit 2 PPE User - Working at Height training course.

Working at Height

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