TPL01 - Marking Out Plate and Structural Steelwork from Drawings

The ECITB Technical Test - TPL08 Hot Work Fabrication and Inspection of Steelwork includes a 25-minute knowledge test and a 2 hour practical test.

The candidate must demonstrate that they can safely and accurately measure and mark out a castellated beam and a plate from drawings

Test Objective

The objective of this technical test is to ensure that a candidate has the knowledge, skills, and ability to safely and accurately measure and mark out plate and structural steelwork using appropriate materials, equipment, tools, and techniques.

Technical Test Overview 

Technical Tests are the most flexible, economical and ‘instant’ way to assess and validate the ability of individual employees or prospective recruits to perform the skill-based tasks that the industry needs. A Technical Test ensures a Craftsperson or Technician has the skill, ability and job knowledge relevant to the work they are required to carry out. Each Technical Test examines a very specific aspect of an engineering construction discipline.

The technical tests are comprised of two elements: knowledge testing and practical skills testing, the format is explained in Section 1 and 2 below.

1. Knowledge Test

The candidate will take an online test, consisting of 10 multiple-choice questions per technical test to assess theoretical knowledge of the technical area. The candidate will answer the 10 randomly generated questions from a large pool of knowledge questions. The candidate has to achieve an 80% pass mark to move onto the practical test. Achieving less than 80% in this knowledge test will result in a test referral and the candidate will have to retake the knowledge test questions again.

2. Practical Test

The candidate will undertake a highly specified practical assessment with candidate instructions in various prescribed stages under continuous observation by the examiner. All parts of the practical test must be completed to the required standard, the candidate will be briefed on the practical test and understand exactly what is expected of them. All test criterions must be met to achieve a pass mark in the test. Any test criteria not achieved to the specified standard will result in a test referral.

PLEASE NOTE: Delegates must pass the knowledge test to progress to the practical test.

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