Safe Isolation and Reinstatement of Plant (SIRP) Awareness

Plant isolation and reinstatement requires high standards of isolation and rigorous management to prevent failures during the process. 

Failures during the isolation and reinstatement process of plant can cause loss-of-containment incidents which may lead to major accidents.

Course Overview

The City and Guilds assured Safe Isolation and Reinstatement of Plant (SIRP) Awareness course provides basic knowledge regarding the scope of isolations and de-isolations at a work site.

Delegates will be assessed in the form of a multiple choice test after all theoretical sections of the course have been completed, followed by practical desktop exercises and a final practical exercise on the training skid.

Upon successful completion of this course, delegates will receive a City and Guilds assured certificate. Further on-site training must then be conducted at a delegate's work site to ensure full familiarisation with their work site regulations and procedures.

Course Objectives

Delegates completing a City and Guilds assured SIRP Awareness course will be able to;

  • Understand isolations and the various roles and responsibilities of individuals
  • Understand the importance of following safe systems of work
  • Understand employer and employee requirements within the scope
  • Appreciate the importance of human factors in safe isolations
  • Correctly follow the isolation and reinstatement of plant process standards

Course Content

A City and Guilds assured SIRP Awareness course includes;

  1. Isolation legal requirements
  2. Isolation definitions
  3. Hazards
  4. Risk assessment
  5. Permit to work systems
  6. Isolation procedures, planning and standards
  7. Mechanical and electrical isolation
  8. Marking of drawings for isolation
  9. Lock out tag out
  10. De-isolation
  11. Re-commissioning
  12. Practical element to include marking of drawings on training skid and applying isolations


It is recommended that delegates completing City and Guilds assured SIRP Awareness have:

  • An understanding of fundamentals of process operations
  • ISSOW Level One
  • Basic piping and instrumentation diagram (P&ID) awareness