CompEx Foundation provides knowledge and understanding of working in potentially flammable and explosive atmospheres.

The course is designed for delegates with no prior knowledge of flammable or potentially explosive atmospheres, as this will allow full participation in the unit.

CompEx Foundation training covers the terminology and protection concepts utilised in a potetially flammable or explosive atmosphere.

Course Objectives

Delegates completing a CompEx Foundation training course will be able to;

  • Understand the concept of area classification and the need to zone flammable atmospheres accordingly
  • Understand the terminology and definitions associated with hazardous areas
  • Understand the various protection concepts
  • Understand I.P codes in relation to ingress protection
  • Understand current ATEX directives
  • Be aware of of DSEAR regulation
  • Understand equipment groups and temperature rating

Course Content

CompEx Foundation includes:

  1. Introduction to compex
  2. Safety compliance (HASAWA/DSEAR)
  3. ATEX, hazardous areas, dust atmospheres, selection of equipment
  4. Certification and labelling
  5. Types of protection including Exd/Exe/Exn
  6. I.S/ pressurisation/oil/powder and non-electrical
  7. Cables and glanding associated with each type of protection
  8. Inspection and maintenance, safe systems of work, repair of mechanical or electrical equipment
  9. Inspection practice