ECITB Appointed Person Moving Loads

Appointed Person Moving Loads is stage one of the four stage ECITB process which validates the competence of an individual to be an Appointed Person responsible for moving loads operations.

Course Overview

ECITB Appointed Person Moving Loads introduces the role and responsibilities of the person appointed to oversee, plan or manage lifts or moving loads operations.

Delegates will gain the necessary skills and knowledge to fulfil the role of an Appointed Person planning and managing moving loads operations.

The course includes three classroom-based days which involve theoretical lessons and exercises. Understanding of the theory and techniques covered within the initial three days will then be assessed in a written question and calculations paper, followed by the practical planning and performance of a lift on the final day.

Course Objectives

Delegates completing an ECITB Appointed Person Moving Loads training course will be able to;

  • Perform the role of an appointed person
  • Understand the role and responsibilities of the appointed person
  • Verify the integrity of supporting structures during the execution of rigging and lifting operations
  • Manage lifting operations, equipment and accessories
  • Manage slinging operations
  • Describe the responsibilities of an appointed person regarding the inspection of appliances and equipment

Course Content

Days 1 -3 of an ECITB Appointed Person Moving Loads training course include;

  1. Introduction
  2. Legislation overview
  3. Planning and supervising rigging operations
  4. The roles and responsibilities of a moving loads team
  5. Toolbox talks and coaching
  6. Load and lifting point assessment
  7. Uncertified structures and categories of lift
  8. Rigging related drawings, the offshore sector and international directives
  9. Forces, tension and slinging angles
  10. Calculating load weights and centre of gravity
  11. Using snatch blocks, fleeting angles and winches
  12. Recap on calculations
  13. Practical session - development of lift, risk plan and toolbox talk

Day 4 of an ECITB Appointed Person Moving Loads training course includes;

  1. Written theory assessment
  2. Practical assessment
  3. Course debrief and feedback


In order to complete an ECITB Appointed Person Moving Loads training course delegates must have:

  • An ECITB level 3 vocational qualification in steel erecting or moving loads


  • Recent verifiable experience in moving loads operations validated by a company or delegate CV

ECITB Technical Training Standard - Appointed Person Moving Loads

STAGE ONE - ECITB Appointed Person Moving Loads training course.

STAGE TWO - Work based task assignment which typically involves generating a range of complicated and complex lift plans under supervision of a six month period. Delegates with verifiable experience in an appointed person role prior to stage one may not be required to complete stage two.

STAGE THREE - ECITB Technical Trade Test which involves generating lift plans, risk assessments and toolbox talks to validate the knowledge, skills and ability to safely perform the appointed person role.

STAGE FOUR - The ECITB Technical Trade Test must be retaken every three years to revalidate an appointed person against ECITB standards.

Please Note: The ECITB Technical Trade Test may be grant funded for ECITB registered employers and further details of funding can be found at ECITB Guide to Grants for Products & Services