OPITO Basic Offshore Safety Induction and Emergency Training (BOSIET) with CA-EBS

OPITO BOSIET training with CA-EBS includes the Basic Offshore Safety Induction and Emergency Training (BOSIET) with Compressed Air Emergency Breathing System (CA-EBS). It is often referred to as 'offshore survival training'.

BOSIET training with CA-EBS is considered the North Sea requirement, if you require a BOSIET with CA-EBS and EBS (which is considered the international BOSIET requirement) you can book an OPITO Combined BOSIET >>

PLEASE NOTE: BOSIET with CA-EBS is accepted for working in the North Sea. It may also be accepted by some companies internationally, however this would be at the discretion of the employer, and AIS Training recommend you confirm with your employer before booking. If you are unsure where you will be working, the combined BOSIET covers all international waters.

Course Overview

BOSIET training introduces specific safety issues and regimes relevant to offshore installations. Delegates will be provided a range of knowledge and skills relevant to travelling offshore by helicopter and working offshore. 

The training covers the proper use of emergency equipment and procedures, with the aim to enhance survivability by providing the knowledge, skills and confidence to respond effectively in the event of an offshore emergency. This includes the use of a compressed air emergency breathing system (CA-EBS) which is supplied during offshore helicopter travel.

Delegates will gain a basic level of understanding and awareness of the hazards which can be encountered on offshore installations, and the safety management systems in place to control and mitigate those hazards.

Course Objectives

Delegates completing OPITO BOSIET training with CA-EBS will be able to;

  • Identify the generic hazards which are specific to offshore oil and gas installations, potential risks associated with those hazards, and how controls are put in place to eliminate or reduce risks
  • Identify key offshore related safety regulations and explain the basic safety management concepts
  • Demonstrate the use of safety equipment in a simulated environment and follow procedures in preparing for and during helicopter emergencies – with particular focus on escaping from a helicopter following ditching
  • Demonstrate sea survival and first aid techniques
  • Demonstrate effective use of basic firefighting equipment and practise self-rescue techniques in low visibility situations including smoke filled areas
  • Demonstrate the use of Compressed Air - Emergency Breathing System (CA-EBS)

Course Content

OPITO BOSIET training with CA-EBS course includes;

  • Safety induction
  • Helicopter safety and escape
  • Sea survival
  • First aid knowledge
  • Firefighting and self rescue 
  • Compressed Air Emergency Breathing System (CA-EBS)


In order to complete OPITO BOSIET training with CA-EBS, delegates MUST hold:

  • A valid and in-date Oil and Gas UK (OGUK) offshore medical certificate
  • A valid and in-date Fit to Train certificate (mandatory from April 2018)

Please Note: Fit to train relates to the risk of using Compressed Air Emergency Breathing Systems (CA-EBS) and is designed to ensure you are physically fit to use them. OPITO offshore survival courses include in-water training with CA-EBS. You can BOOK YOUR FIT TO TRAIN at AIS Training >>