OPITO Blaster-Sprayer Training (Level 1)

A blaster-sprayer uses compressors, blasting equipment and paint spraying devices to paint the surfaces of a structure.

The OPITO Blaster-Sprayer training programme is widely recognised as the industry standard training for offshore blaster/sprayer operations. The blaster-sprayer's route to achieving OPITO training and competence certification is comprised of the following stages:

  • Initial training
  • Workplace experience
  • Competence assessment

Course Overview

OPITO Blaster-Sprayer Training (Level 1) involves a series of explanations and demonstrations which will identifiy what delegates are expected to know and do in their role as a blaster-sprayer. 

Delegates will complete a theory test at the end of the level 1 training programme which demonstrates an understanding of the knowledge elements of the course. This will be followed by practical exercises which will allow delegates to demonstrate their skills, knowledge and understanding of the blaster-sprayer role.

Course Objectives

Delegates completing OPITO Blaster-Sprayer Training (Level 1) will be able to;

  • Demonstrate the knowledge and core skills to begin workplace training and experience under direct supervision

Course Content

OPITO Blaster-Sprayer Training (Level 1) includes;

  1. History and significance
  2. Blasting and painting hazards
  3. Regulations
  4. Working safely
  5. Work packs for blasting/spraying activitives
  6. Working in confined spaces
  7. Protecting adjacent surfaces and the environment
  8. Understaning the air supply
  9. Providing a prepared surface
  10. Initial surface preparation
  11. Dry grit and wet slurry blasting
  12. Paint classifications
  13. Application by brusher and roller
  14. Application by airless conventional sprayers
  15. Specialist coatings
  16. Quality control for trainees
  17. The supervisor's role


There are no prerequisites for OPITO Blaster-Sprayer Training (Level 1).


OPITO is the industry’s focal point for skills, learning and workforce development. OPITO is a self-sustaining, employer and trade union led organisation committed to developing and sustaining a safe, skilled and effective workforce.

AIS Training offer both the introductory OPITO Blaster Sprayer (Level 1) training course as well as the OPITO Blaster Sprayer Competence Assessment (Level 2).

PLEASE NOTE: You can move directly on to the Competence Assessment (Level 2). However, you must have a formal letter from your employer stating that you have been employed as a blaster/sprayer within the last two years, as well as documented evidence of your employment.

Completion of this course will allow delegates to become an OPITO certified competent Blaster/Sprayer. This then requires regular competency assessment courses


Introductory stage

Delegates undertaking and successfully completing  the OPITO (Trainee) Blaster/Painter Training Course (Level 1) will be able to demonstrate the knowledge and core skills to begin workplace training and experience under direct supervision. 


Logbook stage

Once in employment you will need to fill in an OPITO logbook which details several workplace tasks that you must complete.


Level 2 Competency

The Level 2 Competence Assessment is for experienced Blaster/Sprayer personnel. It requires the candidate to carry out designated tasks and demonstrate their knowledge and experience.