GWO Working at Height

GWO Working at Height

GWO Working at Height is part of the Global Wind Organisation (GWO) course portfolio, which sets the standards for training in the global wind energy and renewables industry.

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Course Overview

A GWO Working at Height course provides the skills and knowledge to work in a safe manner in the wind industry.

This training is designed to meet emergency response training requirements for personnel new to the industry.

Course Objectives

Delegates completing a GWO Working at Height training course will be able to;

  • Correctly use personal fall protection equipment (PFPE)
  • Perform safe working at height
  • Perform safe and comprehensive basic rescue from height in a remote wind turbine environment in accordance with RUK/GWO Working at Height standards

Course Content

A GWO Working at Height training course includes;

  1. Hazards and risks associated with working at height, specific to a wind turbine generator (WTG)
  2. National legislation regarding working at heights
  3. Personal protective equipment (PPE) identification
  4. The use of relevant PFPE
  5. Self-rescue
  6. Suspension intolerance, cause, affects and treatment
  7. Actions in the event of an emergency
  8. Handle a range of rescue situations in WTGs


In order to complete a GWO Working at Height course, delegates must:

  • Be WINDA registered before arriving for the course

The equipment used during the training course carries a weight limit of 136-140kg. For participants this maximum weight includes clothes and safety equipment, we therefore recommend a maximum bodyweight of 120kg. Our equipment also has a maximum waist size of 120cm.


The Global Wind Organisation (GWO) have launched a Global Wind Industry Records Database (WINDA) which allows your to verify your GWO certificates with employers.

Registering with WINDA is quick and easy, and you must do this before arriving for your course.

View our step-by-step guide to registering with WINDA >>

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