This course is open to people who have spent a minimum of 6 months on site since passing your part 1. You will work as a team to safely erect, alter and dismantle scaffolding structures.

Course Content

This course includes a wide range of subject matters including:

  • Training Facilities Safety Induction
  • 1/2 Day Fall Prevention & Rescue Training
  • Health & Safety Awareness
  • Performance Standards (BS EN 12811 and TG20:13) tube and fittings courses 
  • Performance Standards (BS EN 12811 and Manufacturer’s Instructions) system scaffold courses 
  • Basic Independent Tied Scaffold (theory and practical) 
  • Bridging with Prefabricated Beams (theory and practical) 
  • Protection Fans (theory and practical) 
  • Truss-out Scaffold (theory and practical)
  • Pavement Gantry (theory and practical) 
  • Loading Bay (theory and practical) 
  • Roof Saddle Scaffold (theory and practical) 
  • Splay Scaffold (circular or radial) (theory and practical) 
  • Edge Protection (theory and practical) 
  • TG4 Tie testing (theory and practical) 
  • Tube and fittings, used to stabilise scaffolds i.e. ties and raking tubes (theory and practical) system scaffold courses 
  • Basic Scaffold Inspection (theory and practical) 
  • Mobile Aluminium Tower Training for Scaffolders. 
  • 50 Question Test Paper (plus a 25 question mock at the end of the first week) 
  • End of course and the individual Practical Skills Assessment  

Course Objectives

The over-riding objectives of this course are to train suitable candidates to the objectives approved by CISRS in the safe erection, alteration and dismantling of the following scaffolding: 

  • Basic independent tied scaffold with prefabricated beams 
  • Protective fans 
  • Pavement gantry 
  • Loading bay 
  • Roof saddle scaffold 
  • Roof edge protection 
  • Truss out scaffold 
  • Splay scaffolds