How Likely am I to Get a Job

The wind industry is in a strong position, with £20bn of contracts up for grabs in the UK and a desire to keep at least 50% of the work here. Countries all over the world are ploughing billions into clean energy and wind is amongst the cheapest forms of clean energy.

Within the UK alone, some of the largest offshore wind farms in the world are being built. Some are already operating and others are in construction, meanwhile windfarms such as Dogger Bank (set to be the largest in the world) will be starting very soon.

RenewableUK report that the wind industry will create 70,000 new jobs between now and 2023. These are going to be filled by people like you and the next generation of workers coming through education at the moment. Even if the jobs aren’t there yet, being prepared and ready to mobilise when the jobs arrive will be a significant advantage. RenewableUK says the jobs are in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, project management and technicians specialising in construction, installation and operations & maintenance.

We cannot guarantee a job, it takes a lot of hard work and persistent determination. But the landscape is looking good and we will do everything we can to help you achieve your goals.


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