What role you do very much depends on your experience and interests. If you are interested in the science and geology of drilling you might consider a degree and an entry into the Licensing and Exploration stages. Whilst more hands on people will tend to look at apprenticeships, HNDs and positions in drilling, fabric maintenance and decommissioning.

I have no relevant experience

If you have zero experience it will always be more difficult. But don’t forget, everyone started somewhere and some fresh ideas is just what a company could be looking for. Look at offering your services for free like a long interview. This shows a company that you’re determined and gives them experience of your work ethic and quality before you start. You could also move into a similar but different sector or location – maybe you want to be a rigger, take a job with an offshore services company in one of their onshore yards – once in the business it’ll be easier to move around internally and get that dream role offshore.

I have some relevant experience

If you have experience, ensure that you keep an eye on which businesses are active in your sector and when projects are likely to go live. Use your training as a networking opportunity to meet similarly minded people who may be senior decision makers offshore.

Traineeships and Apprenticeships

A number of companies are offering traineeships and apprenticeships. AIS Connect is helping people to succeed in new industries with a range of traineeships and apprenticeships. To find out if these are right for you, contact the AIS Connect team on 0191 341 0250.


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