Covid scuppered Angelo Giovannini’s plans to run his own garage business but now his career’s heading upwards thanks to AIS Survivex.

After working as the head chef in his parent’s restaurant for more than ten years, Angelo decided it was time for a change. A self-taught mechanic, Angelo decided to turn his love of cars and a lifetime hobby into full-time paid work. He invested in new tools, equipment and leased a garage. Things were going well and the work was flooding in when disaster struck. 

Just three months after Angelo started his new venture, the Covid Pandemic hit. Work dried up virtually overnight and Angelo was left with bills to pay and an unsure future.

But a friend’s advice set Angelo on a new career path…

Angelo explains:

“After struggling financially for months, I hit rock bottom. It was a heart to heart over the phone with a very good friend, that gave me the much-needed nudge onto the path I’m on today. I began to research exactly what was needed for a career as a rope access technician, and at the time was quite taken back by a minefield of conflicting information online. That was until I discovered AIS Survivex.

“One click of the mouse and I was directed to a website unlike any of the others. It was refreshing to find all the information I needed in one place, and even better to find a complete package straight away containing every course needed from my researched list. 

“The first member of the AIS Survivex team I came into contact with was Katie Nicoll, she made booking a total breeze and over the course of a couple of emails did all the leg work for me. Katie booked me onto all of my courses working around my availability and even sorted my accommodation at the AIS Survivex Hotel.
“When I arrived at the hotel, I was greeted with a warm welcome by the receptionist Tracy Chatterton. Over the course of the month, Tracy went out of her way to make sure that my stay there was as pleasant as possible. We would share in good conversation most evenings and she always wished me a good day the following morning. She was extremely polite and very pleasant to be around.
“Over the course of the next 30 or so days, I really enjoyed attending my courses, meeting new people, making new friends, and getting to know the staff. My favourite part of the day was always lunchtime! As well as fresh, delicious, home cooked food, the dinner hall was always filled with interesting and intriguing individuals providing lots of opportunities to learn and form new potential working relationships and connections. 

“The courses were brilliant and the facilities excellent, but I feel it’s the staff who make AIS Survivex the training place that it is. Take my Blade Repair instructor Scott Bradley for instance. I’ve personally never met another teacher as passionate about what they teach or as caring about their students as he is. 

“Although there were five other trainees on my course, it felt like I was receiving one on one training the entire time. Scotty went above and beyond every one of those ten days, he would even stay back most nights, sharing his wealth of knowledge and teaching things that weren’t even in the course. 

“I couldn’t have been any more confident or inspired. Another of my favourites was the IRATA course…

“If ever there was a man put on this green earth to teach it, it’s Jack Gibson! Jack seemed to have a natural teaching ability, and testament to years of experience the guy missed absolutely nothing, not one misplaced step or a single unscrewed carabiner. 

“I couldn’t have hoped for a better instructor to prepare me for my assessment. Together Jack and Lee Wilson provided a perfect combination of learning and banter, making the course very enjoyable, whilst simulating realism preparing me for work on ropes after training. The customer service team was also brilliant, any queries or issues I had were quickly and pleasantly resolved by manager Tanya Harper.
“As a general all round training facility I personally couldn’t recommend AIS Survivex in Newcastle enough. I’m looking forward to returning later this year to catch up with the friends I’ve made and continue growing my arsenal of knowledge and certifications. 

“In the two months that have passed since completing my training in February this year, I’ve secured a contract as a composite blade technician for this season, with my first choice of companies Bladefence, and, got a foot in the door with a general IRATA rope access company, ST Access, for all my off-season work. 

“I’ve already been involved in some really interesting projects. I’m really excited to start my first season in Finland as a WTG blade technician and put all my AIS Survivex training to good use.”


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