Celebrating #EarthDay2022 with the latest training technology to cut emissions

It’s #EarthDay today! As the world considers ways to protect our planet – we’re reflecting on the technology and services AIS Survivex is utilising to help the global energy sector reduce carbon emissions.

Did you know that transport accounts for around one-fifth of all global carbon dioxide emissions according to ‘Our World’ data? 

If businesses can cut travel, they can cut emissions dramatically.

In fact, an Open University study showed that distance learning courses on average involved nearly 90% (87%) less energy consumption and produced 85% fewer CO2 emissions per student.

At AIS Survivex, we’ve introduced a range of innovative technologies to reduce travel and off rota time. As well as remote ‘Live Learning’ courses delivered via video conferencing, we’ve delivered courses using training technology such as digital twins, virtual reality, e-learning and mobile drilling simulators to help our clients reduce their carbon footprint.

In fact, last year alone we delivered more than 600 virtual courses, saving clients almost £1million in travel costs and helping cut emissions.  

Dontact training@ais-survivex.com today to find out how we can help you achieve your carbon footprint reduction goals.



As the UK’s biggest GWO training provider we offer a wide range of wind sector-specific training courses and packages including Basic Safety Training (BST), Basic Technical Training (BTT) and Blade Repair at our Newcastle AND Aberdeen training centres.

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