AIS Training's sister company, Survivex, is delivering safety critical training to oil workers in Asia from its base in Aberdeen during the COVID-19 lockdown.

The four-week ‘Live Learning’ training programme has been developed specifically for a key client of AIS Training and Survivex's parent company, 3T Energy Group, in Asia to upskill 70 of its workers for a forthcoming oil and gas project. The programme covers all theoretical aspects of asbestos awareness, confined space entry and rescue, forklift truck driving, rigging and lifting, crane operation and authorised gas testing.

Survivex instructors are delivering the training using the latest video conferencing technology from Aberdeen with a local 3T Energy Group interpreter translating directly to the delegates. As well as covering all of the relevant theory for each subject, the training sessions are conducted with a limited number of delegates to allow for two-way interaction and plenty of question and answer opportunities. 

All delegates are currently on an oil platform in dry-dock in Asia waiting to be deployed offshore at the end of May. The training is needed to ensure these personnel are safety compliant before the offshore project begins. As soon as travelling restrictions are lifted, the Survivex team will travel to deliver the practical aspects of these courses and reinforce the theoretical learning.

Survivex is part of the 3T Energy Group, which is focused on developing technology-led training and competence solutions with cutting-edge simulation and training technologies to help the global energy industry work safer, smarter and faster.

Survivex Onboard Operations Manager, Craig Wilson, said: “During the unprecedented current situation, we are looking at creative ways of delivering safety critical training to our clients who need it. In this particular case, the client needed urgent training and wasn’t able to travel to any training centres. We needed to come up with an innovative, high-quality, alternative solution fast and so created our ‘Live Learning’ option.

“The theoretical elements of these courses make up around 35% of the total course content so will give the client a huge head-start in getting personnel job-ready.

“When the travel restrictions are lifted, we will be sending instructors to Asia to deliver the practical aspects of the courses face-to-face. Despite these challenging times, it is still critical that we ensure energy workers have the right health and safety skills to be able to do their jobs safely and efficiently. The training sector needs to adapt and embrace innovative and technological solutions to keep safety standards high for the global energy industry. This project highlights the type of innovations that Survivex is adopting.”

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