Advanced Industrial Solutions is a global expert in fire protection and boasts a wide range of passive fire protection (PFP) products which it supplies to some of the world’s biggest oil and gas companies. Advanced Industrial Solutions’ latest innovation – the JFP-XP Enclosure system – is a solid box-like structure, coated with a unique flexible intumescent coating, which has been developed to protect industrial equipment against the extreme heat of a hydrocarbon or jet fire for up to three hours. The JFP-XP’s unique properties means that it can be manufactured in any configuration to protect unusual-shaped industrial joints, flanges and valves – which is notoriously difficult equipment to coat effectively with traditional methods of PFP.

PFP equipment is safety-critical and a legal requirement for offshore installations. The Jet Fire Pro XP Enclosure system will now be used in conjunction with Advanced Industrial Solutions’ existing range of award-winning, flexible PFP products to offer companies an easier and faster option for protecting complex industrial equipment such as shut down valves.

It is the first time Advanced Industrial Solutions has developed a rigid PFP product, which has taken 18 months of intensive research and development to bring to market.  During final testing, several different configurations of Advanced Industrial Solutions’ prototype were subjected to temperatures of up to 1,250 degrees centigrade. The prototype continued to withstand this extreme heat for three hours, whilst still maintaining integrity and could have gone on longer.

This outstanding performance was independently witnessed by global certification organisations Lloyds Register and DNV-GL and meets international safety standards ISO22899, UL1709 and BS476.
[JetFire Pro XP artists impression] Advanced Industrial Solutions will now be investing in the development of dozens of new rigid PFP products for a wide range of new industrial sectors including the nuclear and defence industries, in addition to its core oil and gas and petrochemical markets. The company is planning for growth off the back of this new product launch and has invested £2.5million in a brand new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility on North Tyneside, where both rigid and flexible PFP and insulation systems will be fabricated using cutting-edge, precision technology before being shipped around the world for installation.

Head of Advanced Industrial Solutions’ PFP and insulation division, Chris Evans, said: “We are delighted to finally receive type-approval for our new product after months of painstaking research and development. We tested a number of different coatings to create this new innovation and finally came up with a system that can withstand the highest temperatures on the planet for the longest time currently available.The product is also highly flexible so that it can be manufactured in whatever shape industry requires whilst maintaining its technical excellence and integrity.

“This level of protection will help to increase the safety in the oil and gas sector or in other industries where fire protection is key. It will also provide a useful application for organisations with complex pipe work systems that require protection or for industries such as nuclear or defence that demand failsafe protection.”  

It is the latest product innovation by Advanced Industrial Solutions, which also designs, manufactures and installs award-winning PFP systems that provide up to 180 minutes of fire protection against the deadly spread of a hydrocarbon or jet fire. As well as fire protection products, Advanced Industrial Solutions offers a comprehensive range of award-winning technical insulation products to combat issues such as noise, corrosion, weather and temperature extremes in order to protect assets, create safer work spaces and reduce operational costs.

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