Jenna Morrison, aged 30 from Newcastle, is one of those helped by AIS. After more than six months out of work, Jenna has landed her dream job in the oil and gas industry thanks to the AIS employability programme.

Jenna said: “I left school at 16 with no qualifications and the only option open to me was working in low level admin and retail roles, which I hated. Last December I was forced to leave my job to spend time with my adopted son who has a heart condition and I’ve been out of work ever since.

“Things were getting desperate so when I noticed a leaflet in the job centre offering training that I didn’t have to pay for to help get me a job in the global energy or construction industries I decided to go for it.

“Walking into the classroom that first day was really intimidating. The room was full of men and typical male banter. If the door had been open I would have turned around and walked out. I’m so glad I didn’t. The instructors made me feel extremely welcome and quickly included me in the group. By the second day I found myself looking forward to the course.

“It wasn’t easy. I’m terrified of heights and some of the taster sessions for the wind industry included undergoing exercises at eye-watering heights but I still enjoyed it. The CV writing sessions were incredibly helpful and showed me how to take workplace experience and translate it into marketable skills for employers. Something I’d never done before. Previous tasks that I would have overlooked made me see how I had experience of being a personal assistant and of running small teams.

“AIS then showed me where to post my CV to get the best results, as well as helping me with job applications and interview tips. I would never have had the confidence to apply for the high level jobs I was applying for before.

“Within a week of sending off my CV I secured an interview with a huge oil giant in Aberdeen working in an admin role helping those who are travelling offshore. I was gob-smacked when I got the job. As well as loads more money, this really feels like my first step in a proper career. It’s my dream job.

“I’ll be based in Aberdeen, working one month on and one month off – meaning I’ll only work six months of the year. It’s perfect in terms of spending time with my adopted son and when I’m away my partner and the rest of my family will pick up the reins.

"For anyone thinking about their future I would urge them to talk to AIS. That decision has changed my life!”