Military to Wind - Elcas Funded Training

Support for ex-military personnel

AIS Survivex is the training delivery partner of choice for the armed forces going into Wind or Oil & Gas.

We are an Elcas-approved training provider committed to helping ex-forces personnel transfer their skills to the global energy sector and are gold-level sponsors of the British Forces Resettlement Service (BFRS).

Are you ex-military, or currently in the resettlement process, and considering your next move? Then keep on reading... 

Military to Wind Elcas Training Programme

Our Military to Wind training programme is the first of it’s kind. Working closely with wind sector employers and industry bodies we have put together this bespoke hybrid package combining GWO, IRATA and ITC accredited training.

The Elcas-approved ‘Military to Wind’ training programme that provides all the mandatory certification required, whilst preparing you for your new wind sector career. 

At the end of our 32-day training programme you will be awarded an ‘ITC Level 3 Diploma in Safe Working Practice in the Wind Turbine Industry’ in addition to the following certification...

  • GWO Basic Safety Training Package (BST)
  • GWO Advanced Rescue Training Package (ART)
  • GWO Enhanced First Aid (EFAR)
  • GWO Basic Technical Training Package (BTT)
  • GWO Blade Repair
  • IRATA Rope Access

And what’s more, you can apply Elcas credits and save up to £2k off the cost of training! 



Contact Us

We have set up a direct line for military personnel to ensure you receive the best quality, personalised service.

Skip the queues and contact our dedicated Military to Wind team directly today...
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Why Renewables?

Over 43,000 workers are predicted to be needed for wind energy transition in the North East and Scotland.

There are lots of synergies between military life and energy sector working – this means armed forces personnel are often sought after by wind sector employers. 

As the renewable industry grows, so does the demand for talent to work within it, bringing lots of new career prospects. The industry is the perfect transition for individuals leaving the armed forces who will have benefitted from exposure to many of the skillsand experience, as well as the work ethic, that are required to work within this exciting, fast-paced industry.


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