The wind industry can be seasonal, most of the operation and maintenance work will only run until autumn, usually September or October and not restart until February or March. This is due to the weather and the ability to work safely both on the wind turbine and transferring between the vessel and transition piece. With this in mind it’s usually a good idea to be able to switch between 2 or even 3 industries. Remember also, that many of the skills you will use in your role on a wind turbine are transferable – skills such as Rigging, Lifting, Electronics and Engineering.

The challenge is to ensure you have the correct certificates for the job and industry. The wind industry predominantly recognises RenewableUK (RUK) and Global Wind Organisation (GWO) certificates whereas the Oil & Gas industry recognises OPITO and others. There are instances where certificates are recognised by both, for instance the OPITO Rigging and Banksman certificates are recognised across both industries.