As a production supervisor you have a very important job, you are in charge of making sure that production targets are achieved. You will work with engineers to solve any production issues and to ensure safety levels are maintained whilst minimising production losses.

You will usually report directly into the Offshore Installation Manager (OIM) and work closely with supervisors in Mechanical, Electrical and Support functions.

Salary and Progression

Rates of pay are good for production supervisors who have a high-pressure role and reflect the fact that you will have to travel all over the world. A typical starting salary could be as much as £40,000-£50,000 a year which, with experience, could rise to over £70,000.

Training and Experience Requirements

You will be expected to have relevant onshore and offshore experience as an offshore technician. In addition it’s likely that you should have Emergency Response, First Aid and Health & Safety training.

In addition, to work offshore at all, you will require valid basic offshore certificates including:

  • MIST
  • CA-EBS
  • Shoulder Measurements
  • Offshore Medical

It is likely that an employer will ask for other certificates too. It’s always a good idea to look at a range of job posts to identify commonly requested training requirements.