Arguably the most important role offshore. The stewards provide clean laundry, keep the installation clean and provides catering services onboard. The role is vital to ensure that high standards are met and that any maintenance issues are reported and fixed.

Salary and Progression

Your typical salary will be in the region of £20,000-£25,000. When you have experience offshore you could rise to the position of chief steward and earn £30,000+. People in this position will often be recommended to take on additional roles such as medical, emergency response or heli-deck duties.

Training and Experience Requirements

Whilst there aren’t many specific requirements, a good background in a similar trade such as hotels or hospitality is useful as well as any health or hygiene certificates such as IOSH Working Safely.

If you are looking to take on additional responsibilities and to stand out amongst other job searchers, you could consider Emergency Response, Medical or Heli-Deck certificates.

In addition, to work offshore, you will require valid basic offshore certificates including:

  • MIST
  • CA-EBS
  • Shoulder Measurements
  • Offshore Medical

It is likely that an employer will ask for other certificates too. It’s always a good idea to look at a range of job posts to identify commonly requested training requirements.