When you talk of offshore careers you rarely think of all the support staff. Cleaners, Kitchen Staff, Maintenance Teams. The chef caters for all the crew offshore, sometimes for hundreds of people. Supplies are shipped daily and the chef will be responsible for designing menus, dealing with suppliers and ensuring sufficient stock. The chef will be in charge of a team of people and will be responsible for ensuring hygiene guidelines are followed and that the quality of food is maintained.


Salary and Progression

Typical salaries start at just £12,000 whilst untrained. But with experience can range up to £40,000. Once you have experience you can work your way up to Head Chef or Catering Manager.

Training and Experience Requirements

  • A hospitality or catering qualification e.g. City & Guilds
  • Experience in a similar onshore or offshore role

A chef working offshore is also required to hold all the basic offshore training certificates, these include:

  • MIST
  • CA-EBS
  • Shoulder Measurements
  • Offshore Medical

It is likely that an employer will ask for other certificates too. It’s always a good idea to look at a range of job posts to identify commonly requested training requirements.