Getting into the Oil & Gas industry can be tough and competitive. Having the right skills and experience is a must, plus knowing some of the right people can be a bonus.

Some of the entry points could be a Roustabout or Deck Crew Operations (you can check both of these roles out on our Career Mapper).

Top Three Tips

  1. Consider beginning your career with a similar onshore position. As a rigger, you could work in the warehouses of a supply chain company or yard before applying offshore. Similarly get a job in a different industry but doing a similar job, how about being a health & safety officer in onshore or offshore wind then move to offshore oil & gas
  2. Traineeships and Apprenticeships are designed to give you the right skills and experience to work offshore. Work hard at one of these to be recognised
  3. Knowing the right people helps. Have you thought about going to an oil & gas trade show and speaking to the operations manager of a major contractor? Or when you go to training courses, speak to the person sat across from you at lunch who could just be a Client Rep?