The Oil & Gas market is built on different stages from exploration, development and abandonment or decommissioning. It depends on the state of the market to where the jobs are likely to be. For example in times of lower oil prices there will be a natural drop in exploration and drilling and vice versa in a high price market.

Your likelihood of getting a job depends on a number of factors, not least whether the jobs exist. In a low oil price market, remember that infrastructure in terms of substantial installations are still there and still need to be maintained. So there will usually be fabric maintenance positions, usually in spring time. There is a growing industry in decommissioning, the process of taking apart redundant installations and will invariable provide future opportunities.

At no time is the right training more important than when the requirement for labour decreases. Typically operators and service companies will recruit less people and therefore if you’re CV is next to someone with more experience and better qualifications you’re more likely to be selected.

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