Underwater Welding

AIS Training deliver world-class underwater welding courses that meet worldwide industry standards.

AIS Training offer:

  • Requalification
  • Coded welding

Course Overview

Underwater welding training is delivered by a commerial diver welder in very small groups to give close, bespoke tuition.

The courses are customised to the specific skills required by the individual delegate or team.

PLEASE NOTE: Group discounts are available, call 0330 202 0668 to speak to our team.

Course Objectives

Delegates completing a requalification will be able to:

  • Ensure welding skills are up to date
  • Work to any position you require and with virtually any material including advanced materials

Delegates completing coded welding will be able to:

  • Competently weld underwater to a variety of codings including BS4872, BS15618, AWSD36 standards
  • Weld specific positions, metals and joints depending on individual requirements

Course Content

A requalification course includes;

  1. Completing a test piece which will be initially visually assessed by the AIS on-site Zurich assessor before being sent away for independant analysis
  2. Completing a test piece which will be submitted for testing and approval by Zurich

A coded welding course includes;

  1. Welding underwater to a variety of positions and codings to BS4872, BS15618, AWSD36 standards
  2. Using world-class Barracuda welding electrodes

PLEASE NOTE:  We can arrange to have any material you require in stock.


In order to complete any Underwater Welding courses including requalifications and coded welding, delegates must hold:

  • A commercial diving certificate
  • A valid medical