Rope Access Appreciation

AIS Training have developed Rope Access Appreciation training for those considering a career involving rope access work.

Course Overview

Rope Access Appreciation provides the opportunity to try rope access work in a working at height environment.

Delegates will learn how to don a harness and climbing equipment then safely ascend and descend ropes.

This one day taster session is an opportunity to assess the ability to work at height before booking the full five day IRATA Rope Access training.

Course Objectives

Delegates completing Rope Access Appreciation training will be able to;

  • Assess their 'head for heights' necessary for rope access work

Course Content

Rope Access Appreciation training includes;

  1. Donning a harness
  2. Donning climbing equipment
  3. Ascending and descending ropes


There are no prerequisites for Rope Access Appreciation training.

Rope Access Training

You can also book the full IRATA Rope Acess training at AIS Training >>