ECITB Role of an Effective Supervisor provides an understanding of the supervisory role and responsibilities.

The course is part of the supervisor training programmes which have been developed by ECITB.

Course Objectvies

Delegates completing an ECITB Role of an Effective Supervisor training course will be able to;

  • Recognise the roles and responsibilities of the supervisor
  • Develop an understanding of the principles of management communications.
  • Recognise the link between effective communicationand achievement of team objectives
  • Explain the supervisor's role in maintaining a healthy, safe and productive working environment

Course Content

An ECITB Role of an Effective Supervisor training course includes;

Day 1

  1. Get to know each other and feel comfortable speaking in front of the group
  2. Understand what the organisation expects of them as a supervisor
  3. Differentiate between a worker and a supervisor
  4. Understand the legal responsibilities of the supervisor
  5. Explain the characteristics and behaviours of a manager and a leader
  6. Understand the need for both management and leadership
  7. Recognise the need and use of situational leadership
  8. Identify different styles of leadership
  9. Understand how to motivate the individuals within your team
  10. Describe what motivation is and how it impacts on productivity
  11. Know how to manage your time effectively and the range of tools available
  12. Know how to delegate effectively
  13. Understand how to plan and manage effective meetings and toolbox talks

Day 2

  1. Understand the role of communications
  2. Identify good and bad communication practice within the team
  3. Recognising verbal and non-verbal indicators
  4. Use of active listening Identify feedback methods
  5. Becoming assertive
  6. Differentiating between aggressive, passive and assertive behaviours
  7. Ensure effective performance reviews
  8. Understanding how to influence others

Day 3

  • Identify the responsibilities of the supervisor to ensure a healthy and safe working environment
  • Understand the legal obligations of the supervisor
  • Explain how health and safety risks are identified and how these are monitored to ensure compliance in the workplace
  • Identify actions to be undertaken after identifying a health and safety risk

PLEASE NOTE: These courses are ran in partnership with Phoenix Training Solutions