CISRS Part 2 Scaffolding Training

CISRS Part 2 Scaffolding Tube and Fitting inc NVQ

The Construction Industry Scaffolders Record Scheme (CISRS) is a widely recognised scaffolding training scheme.

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Course Overview

CISRS Part 2 Scaffolding Tube and Fitting can be completed by those who have passed CISRS Part 1 and spent a minimum of 6 months on-site since.

The course involves working as a team to safely erect, alter and dismantle scaffolding structures.

Course Objectives

Delegates completing a CISRS Part 1 Scaffolding training course will be able to safely erect, alter and dismantly the following types of scaffolding; 

  • Basic independent tied scaffold with prefabricated beams 
  • Protective fans 
  • Pavement gantry 
  • Loading bay 
  • Roof saddle scaffold 
  • Roof edge protection 
  • Truss out scaffold 
  • Splay scaffolds 

Course Content

A CISRS Part 2 Scaffolding training course includes;

  1. Training facilities safety induction
  2. Fall prevention and rescue training
  3. Health and safety awareness
  4. Performance standards (BS EN 12811 and TG20:13) tube and fittings courses 
  5. Performance standards (BS EN 12811 and manufacturers instructions) system scaffold courses 
  6. Basic independent tied scaffold (theory and practical) 
  7. Bridging with prefabricated beams (theory and practical) 
  8. Protection fans (theory and practical) 
  9. Truss-out scaffold (theory and practical)
  10. Pavement gantry (theory and practical) 
  11. Loading bay (theory and practical) 
  12. Roof saddle scaffold (theory and practical) 
  13. Splay scaffold (circular or radial) (theory and practical) 
  14. Edge protection (theory and practical) 
  15. TG4 tie testing (theory and practical) 
  16. Tube and fittings, used to stabilise scaffolds i.e. ties and raking tubes (theory and practical) system scaffold courses 
  17. Basic scaffold inspection (theory and practical) 
  18. Mobile aluminium tower training for scaffolders 
  19. 50 question test paper (plus a 25 question mock at the end of the first week) 
  20. End of course and individual practical skills assessment  


In order to complete a CISRS Part 2 Scaffolding Tube training course, delegates must have:

  • Completed CISRS Part 1
  • Spent at least 6 months on site since passing CISRS Part 1


NVQ Level 2 Porfolio Build can be booked seperately or as part of the CISRS Part 2 Scaffolding Package.

You can also book CISRS Part 1 Scaffolding Tube and Fitting at AIS Survivex.