Chester Step Test

The Chester Step test is a tried and tested means of gauging the fitness of an individual by measuring the heart’s ability to recover from exertion.

The test is often required by personnel who have been nominated by a company or sponsor to complete a fitness test for their job role.

Test Overview

Chester Step Tests will take place between Monday - Thursday and last 15 minutes. 

Test Content

A Chester Step Test involves stepping onto and off a 30 cm / 12 inch step at rate set by a metronome. During this test, your heart rate will be monitored and results will be plotted on a graph providing aerobic capacity and fitness.

The test includes;

  • Consultation with a health professional
  • Completion of the Chester Step Test
  • Report compiled on the test findings


There are no prerequisites for a Chester Step Test.


For availability or to book, please contact our Bookings Team on or 0330 202 0569.