OPITO Offshore Emergency Response Team Member (OERTM) 

Every offshore oil and gas platform or drilling rig will have an emergency response team ready to react in the unfortunate event of an emergency situation.

OPITO have established specialist emergency response standards to ensure offshore emergency response teams respond safely and effectively.

Course Overview

OPITO Offshore Emergency Response Team Member (OERTM) training provides the knowledge, skills and confidence to perform the role of an OERTM.

The training programme involves intensive firefighting scenarios with real smoke and fire to prepare emergency response teams for real-life emergencies.

Course Outcomes

OIS-12 The Role of the Offshore Emergency Response Team Member

Outcome 1:The role of teamworking and communications in emergency response

Outcome 2: Offshore emergency response arrangements

OIS-13 Incident Response

Outcome 1:Incident response procedures, protocols and activities

Outcome 2: Search and rescue procedures

Outcome 3: Casualty recovery procedures

Outcome 4: Selecting and operating firefighting equipment

Outcome 5: Safely operating working duration breathing apparatus

OIS-14 Practical Exercises for the OERTM

Outcome 1: Handling practical fire and non-fire related incidents


There are no prerequisites for an OPITO Offshore Emergency Response Team Member (OERTM) training course.

PLEASE NOTE: This course is delivered by Vital Fire Solutions at County Durham and Darlington Fire and Rescue Service Training Centre